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How many policies is ok from the perspective of performance?

    mehran · 2年前 · 241 次点击 
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    Let's say we have about 20 million entities stored in our DB(e.g products, orders, Users,...), now we should assign each entity to specific user for permission to edit|read,...
    For example: product with id:23 can edit just by John
    To set policy for this product, I will insert one policy line which say product with Id:23 is for John.
    Now I want to know it's ok to insert many policies for our entities (each policy contains my entitiy id and user or group who can edit it)

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    "20 million entities stored in our DB(e.g products, orders, Users,...)" I believe most of these rules are by default (share same patterns between tenants/domains)?

    If yes, then you can setup a set of default rules that apply to multiple users/resources. Then add new rules when a user tries to customize it.

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